How It Works

To Access A Solidarity Food Item

At participating Solidarity Food Movement locations, check the board with our logo to see what items are available. If an item that you would like is available, simply line up and request it at the cash. For example, if a coffee is available on the board simply ask for a “solidarity coffee”. You will be given one for free – no questions asked! The movement was created to help out folks facing food insecurity and to help foster a stronger sense of community through sharing food.

Forgot your wallet or your lunch today? Take a Solidarity Food item and buy one next time to pay-it-forward to someone else!

To Purchase A Solidarity Food Item (Pay-it-forward)

This movement is an outlet for those who wish to offer food or a drink in solidarity with someone who needs it as an act of kindness or paying-it-forward. At participating Solidarity Food Movement locations, simply inform the cashier that you would like to purchase a Solidarity Food item for the board (item options will be listed on the board). You pay for that item up front, the staff marks it on the board, and someone who needs it enjoys it later on!

To Become Part of the Movement (as a Cooperative, Restaurant, or Business)

Reach out to our Solidarity Food Movement team! It is simple and easy! There are no expenses incurred to your business or organization to implement the initiative. You are not giving away free food or items, you are helping facilitate food sharing in your community. We provide the minimal supplies that are needed. You and your team decide what Solidarity Food items will be available at your location. If you are running a cooperative or social food economy and need help writing a proposal to your members, we can help with that! It takes no more than a few minutes to train your staff/volunteers and get you moving!