The Movement

Solidarity Food is simple, it works on the pay it forward principle to buy an additional drink or food item at a restaurant/business for any member of the community. People who cannot afford to pay, ask for Solidarity Food items. If items are available, they get one for free as an act of kindness from a stranger. It works on an honour system. This initiative helps to create a stronger sense of community while helping folks that are facing food insecurity. The movement began in 2016 and was launched at Concordia University’s Hive Solidarity Cooperative Café in January 2017.

The Founder

Wahéhshon Shiann Whitebean (“She Walks About“) is the Founder and Coordinator of Solidarity Food Movement. She is a Wolf Clan member of the Kanien’kehá:ka (Mohawk) Nation at Kahnawà:ke. She came up with the idea as an undergraduate student while taking a course on Food and Sustainability with Professor Satoshi Ikeda at Concordia University in Tiohtiá:ke, more commonly known as Montreal. Solidarity Food Movement began as her class project to launch a social food movement on campus. Wahéhshon was inspired by own experiences with childhood poverty and awareness of food insecurity on campus and in the larger Montreal community.
Read more here about the movement on Wahéhshon’s blog.